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Nervous Dental Patients

Advance Dental Care

Advance Dental Care, Lakin Drive, Highlight Park, Barry, Near Cardiff, CF62 8AS

Are You Scared Of Seeing A Dentist? Does The Thought Stress You Out?

You Don’t Need To Be Any More!

Guilt-Free, Stress-Free, Anxiety-Free Dentistry For Phobic Patients

Let me tell you about the 5 reasons you should consider Calm & Caring Dentistry at Advance Dental…

  1. If you’re anxious
  2. If you feel you need a little extra help in order to have treatment
  3. If you have previously avoided treatment due to your concerns
  4. If you just want an honest non-judgmental approach
  5. If you want someone who’s going to listen to you

We understand this completely, which is why we will never rush you. Our friendly team will take as much time as you need to discuss your options, making sure you fully understand, and are happy with, your treatment plan.

There Is A “Life Without Needles”

That’s right, we can offer a needle free alternative using a couple of new pieces of equipment that we have. Advance Dental are one of only a few dentists that are able to offer this needle free alternative, which is gentle, safe and just as effective as a needle injection. You feel no pain, that’s guaranteed! If you need “Calm & Caring” Dentistry or would like to know more about our needle free alternatives, please give us a call, or complete the form below to see if you are suitable.  

We Never Judge You!

We try and help you to get over this barrier. To begin with we can visit you outside of the practice, just going to a local coffee shop. We find this can help to break down the barriers and show who we are and how we can help. Remember you are always in control.

We won’t do anything that you don’t want us to do. We won’t force you to have any treatment. We just start very slowly, very gently with you in control at every step of the way. In the past we’ve managed to get people who are completely phobic and haven’t been to see a dentist in over 30 years, into the practice and having treatment. Believe it or not some of those patients actually say that they are not scared of coming to the dentist at all now.  

“I Had’t Seen A Dentist In Years” Says Former Nervous Patient Sarah Jane

Dentist Reviews

“Where do I even start… After years of not having a dentist due to a ‘childhood horror experience’ I had to find a dentist as I was having some problems. I was petrified, I was crying before even giving my name at the desk! When my name was called I was blubbering like a baby, sweating and trying to hard to remember to breath. I’ll always remember the dental nurse – Suzanne, she held my hand while the dentist was coaching me to open my mouth. I can’t describe or put into words the steps it took but, I now go to the dentist on my own without anyone having to hold my hand & if and when I need work done I never have any problems. It’s like all the staff have had specific ‘calming’ training as EVERYONE is welcoming and so understanding. The dentist and dental nurses really do put you at ease and go that extra mile to ensure your ok throughout your appointment. I cannot recommend this place or rate the staff highly enough for what they do. They really are the ‘calm and caring’ dentistry! They will do anything to help calm and relax you even if it means talking rubbish and holding your hand (Even after all these years Suzanne will still talk and place her hand on my mine to which I am still grateful for)”

~Charlotte Davies

Dentist Reviews

“Have been with Advance Dental for several years and every visit has been a joy as no pain was experienced. Went for a filling today and completely relaxed and no discomfort. My husband and I cannot rate them highly enough and there motto of pain free and caring is certainly true. Thank you to all the team”

~Lester Gupwell

Dentist Reviews

“After a bad experience as a kid I became pretty phobic about going to the dentist right through to adult life. Since using Advance Dental Care I am much happier because they really go the extra mile to reassure nervous patients. I recently had root canal and there was zero pain so either I’m really tough or they are really good….I think probably the latter! Thanks to all the team there”

~Carl Edwards

Pain Free Advance Advance Dental Care

Andy Nourish is a Certified Pain Free Dentist

“The treatment I received then was painless and Dr. Andy Nourish was so reassuring throughout. Not once was I made to feel stupid or pathetic. I strongly recommend this dentist to anyone who has any fear of the dentist”

Advance Dental Care

Discover how Advance Dental Care can help to restore your smile today.

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Pain Free Dentistry At Advance